11 Benefits of a Stained Concrete Driveway

benefits of concrete driveway

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The beauty of a home starts from the fences and the path leading to the house. When homeowners think of improving the functionality of their exteriors, one of the things that come to mind is building the driveway. Also, many home buyers look at the path leading to a house before buying it. That should tell you how important a driveway is to every home with a compound.

But not every driveway is equal. While there are various options for building driveways, concrete driveways are the perfect choices. The reason is that compared to other parts of your house that receive foot traffic, driveways are often subjected to a lot of pressure from vehicles, thus making them deteriorate within a short time. Concrete stands this abuse well.

Here is why you should go for a concrete driveway.


Perhaps the main reason why most people opt for concrete driveways is their long-lasting nature. Depending on how well you install it, a concrete driveway can last for an extended period compared to asphalt and gravel pathways. When you build a driveway, you expect it to withstand pressures from different types of vehicles. 

If you notice, many roadways, parking slots, and even bridges are made using concrete. This is due to their long life expectancy compared to the gravel and asphalt pathways.


decorate concrete driveways

Decorative Designs

With concrete driveways, you can add stain the concrete and make a very decorative concrete design to your walkway  to bring more beauty to your home. Unlike gravel and asphalt that come in single colors, concrete lets you add any color, pattern, or texture you need for your driveway.

Imagine the beauty of customizing your pathway to match the color of your house? That’s what most people do to make their homes look more luxurious. Also, since concrete is resistant to weeds, there will be no vegetation or any kind of unwanted plants growing on the surface. The pathway stays clean and beautiful, making it more attractive.

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Low maintenance Cost

You don’t need to go for gravel and asphalt pathways that require frequent repairs. Besides, who wants to waste time and money conducting repairs on the same thing? If your path has potholes, it will damage your car’s tires hence increase the maintenance cost even more. 

However, you have to undertake some maintenance measures to avoid damaging the driveway.  Just because concrete driveways last longer doesn’t’ mean it can’t be damaged over time. Be sure to clean your pathway regularly and also to add a concrete sealer. 

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No Tear Out Needed

Many of our concrete limestone coatings require minimal or no tear out. This means you don’t have to have a demolition crew on your property and the invasiveness and time of the project can be minimal compared to other methods for installing a new driveway.


The cost of installing concrete may be high, especially for customized concrete driveways with specific designs and colors. But generally, it’s worth the price. Because concrete driveways are long-lasting and require low maintenance, it is right to say that they are economical in the long run. A great option if you want to forget about new driveway installations and repairs.

Value Addition

If you were to buy a home, would you prefer the one with a concrete driveway or asphalt pathway? Truth be told, a concrete driveway can add so much value to your house, especially if you plan to resell it in the future.  

Even when you take a picture to advertise your house for sale, a customized concrete driveway looks better and can help you find a buyer fast. So if you think of selling your home at some point, you should invest in building a concrete driveway. 

Reflects Light

You need to keep the exterior of your house illuminated, especially at night. Do you know with a concrete driveway, you do not need to spend too much on lights? Unlike the other materials, concrete reflects light, which makes it possible to illuminate your exterior with fewer lights on. Also, this feature helps to keep away intruders who might want to break into your house during the night. Asphalt, on the other hand, absorbs light; hence you will need many light bulbs to illuminate the exterior of your home.

Stays Cool During California Summer Heat

Have you ever walked on a gravel or asphalt road barefooted during hot days? Even with your shoes on, you can feel the heat burning through your sole. However, that is not the case with concrete driveways. Since the material reflects light, it keeps away the heat, making it comfortable to walk on during summer. You can park your vehicle on it without worry as well. But, things could change during the winter when the weather is cold, and you require some heat. So keep this in mind.


unsealed vs sealed concrete

Also, during extreme heat, pathways made of asphalt or gravel may soften, making it unsafe for use by homeowners. This also contributes to wear and tear, which increases maintenance costs due to damages caused by heavy-weight vehicles. However, concrete driveways remain hard even during hot days making the pathway comfortable and safe for use.


Regardless of your homes’ landscape, concrete is a perfect fit for any place. When using other materials, you may need to dig and flatten your pathway before designing it, but with concrete, you don’t have to go through the entire struggle. Besides, concrete can take up any shape and design depending on your needs and the form of your land. 

Easy to Clean

The easiest driveway to clean is made of concrete. With only a power washer, you can easily clean your pathway without needing any manpower or professional help. On the contrary, asphalt and gravel driveways may require a professional to be cleaned, which only adds up to the maintenance costs.


The first thing you see when you visit any home is the driveway. The same goes for concrete driveways surrounding commercial offices and parking lots. From the first impression, you can quickly tell if the place is comfortable or not. A top quality concrete driveway equates to a quality house.

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Choose the Best Concrete Driveway Contractors

In a nutshell, if you ever think of building a driveway, or remodeling an existing one, always go for concrete materials. With the above benefits, value for money is guaranteed. Besides, you won’t have to do the frequent repairs that will waste not only your money but also your valuable time. If you ever need a perfect concrete driveway installation or repair, always choose a professional like Armor Coatings.


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