Common Questions About Concrete & Epoxy

Not always. It depends on the condition of the existing concrete. The underlying base for an overlay must be sound. If your concrete is heaving, has severe cracks, or is structurally unsound, you may need to consider other options besides coatings.

A typical residential project takes approximately 3 – 7 days to complete depending on several variables. Larger commercial jobs, such as commercial kitchens, can take a few weeks depending on the area of the floor.

Yes. There are many textures, patterns and color combinations available. Each installed coating is custom to each project. Our concrete staining, concrete polishing, and custom coatings can mimic certain types of stone and aggregate

When a coating is applied properly and well-protected by a sealer or coating, it should last a very long time. On floors, the use of a floor wax or polish can provide extra protection in high-traffic areas. The key is to reapply the sealer or wax if it begins to show some wear. Otherwise, wear patterns may begin to show, especially in colored surfaces. High foot traffic areas should always be accounted for. Regular maintenance will help prevent the degradation of any floor coating.

If we’re talking about outdoor concrete, the answer is simple: the elements. Weather will eventually wear down even the strongest concrete structures. High moisture content, heavy rains, poolside decks, fluctuating temperatures, and the scorching sun are things that you cannot control. 

If your concrete was not properly mixed to begin with (such as an improper ratio of water to aggregate), this may have caused parts of the structure to weaken. Cement shrinks when it dries, and if too much water was used in the mixing process, this can lead to cracking. Other methods, such as chemically-induced rapid curing concrete, can prevent some of the natural chemical reactions from occurring, which can also cause weakness. 

What we’re trying to say is that there are many different things that could have led to cracks in your concrete. We have the solution to remedy that concern.

A crack patch is applied over minor cracks. They are not intended to fix bad concrete. If you put an overlay directly over a cracked surface, the overlay is likely to crack as well. A small crack may be filled with epoxy; however, if the floor is severely damaged, concrete resurfacing and concrete coatings may not be able to remedy the situation.

  1. Pressure washing or grinding to remove dirt and grime from the surface.
  2. Repair cracks as needed
  3. Bond coat
  4. Installation of coating material
  5. Finish coat- Topcoat or sealer
  6. Curing- 48 to 72 hours depending on the system.

Simple. We’re family owned-and-operated and we never sub contract. We will not sacrifice the quality of work or workers that we provide for our service just because other competitors may look for shortcuts or for ways to pay their employees less. We has beenin the industry for over 30 years, and all of our employees have been with us for a very long time (ranging from 2-10 years). We love what we do and we know how to do it well. There is no tear out, no construction mess, no worries, and no problems. We get it done right the first time, every time.

It means that our process for concrete walkways, pool decks, driveways, steps, and other surfaces is not messy. We’re not going to bring in a demolition crew and tear out slabs of concrete and foundational building material for our concrete overlays. Existing concrete structure can be beautifully redone, stained, and waterproofed without construction or demolition mess.

Concrete staining is the process of either chemically-altering the surface of the concrete, or applying a topcoat layer to concrete to “stain”, or dye the concrete a certain color. There are acid-based stains and water-based stains, both of which will do the job when it comes to alternative concrete decoration. 

Acid based stains react with the lime content in the concrete to produce a chemical reaction, which permanently stains the concrete. Darker, reddish-brown hues are more common with acid based stains. 

Water-based stains essentially act as a topcoat and provide lighter, more atmospheric colors to concrete. These colors can range from translucent to opaque, and can be much brighter in color than acid based stains. All of the products we use are low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Unlike poured cement and the hard, rough surface of regular concrete (think sidewalks and big cement blocks), polished concrete is incredibly smooth and can reflect light if used with the right sealers and topcoats. You can usually tell if concrete has been polished due to the tell-tale signs of the diamond-tipped concrete grinders that many concrete companies use. 

Depending on the type of grinder tip used, you can get incredibly bright, high-gloss finishes on your polished concrete.


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