Pool Deck Installation & Resurfacing

Dry, hot summers and mild winters in the Bay Area provide the ideal conditions for an afternoon dip in the pool. Your serenity and relaxation can be enhanced with a beautiful atmosphere — or a freshly resurfaced pool deck.

Resurfacing a pool deck is more affordable than a replacement, and the aesthetic, durability, and project completion time is not sacrificed.

Resurfacing pool decks in the Bay Area with Armor Coatings means that you have an overwhelming amount of designs from decorative concrete overlay and coatings to color, design, and texture.


Pool Deck Resurfacing

After getting out from a refreshing swim, walking around barefoot on uneven, cracked, and sharp concrete is unpleasant.

Worn decks can be extremely slippery…a quick recipe to ruin any beautiful sunny day. Resurfacing will control the grip of the pool deck.

Maybe your pool deck is outdated. A resurface will modernize the entire space. It is important to keep in mind that resurfacing can only be successfully done on concrete with a relatively smooth surface. Concrete shouldn’t be overlayed on serious cracks and breaks because the new surface will eventually crack as well.


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Deck Coatings

Whether residential or commercial, we can resurface any deck. Here are some of many finishes for your deck:

Exposed Aggregate

In this surface, sand or small rocks are semi-exposed to create a pebble-like finish. It is one of the most slip-resistant surfaces.

Colored Concrete

Stained concrete is similar to stamped concrete, layers of color in the stain coating creates an authentic imitation of brick, stone, or slate. Stain is great for surfaces around pools because it reflects UV rays…your feet won’t get so hot that you have to hobble run to the pool

Rock-Salt Finish Concrete
In this cost-effective finish, salt is placed into concrete and then washed away. The final product looks like a weathered rock and provides subtle texture that creates a slip-resistant surface.
Concrete Pavers

Think concrete brick or stone that is poured into place. It looks like natural stone and is slip-resistant. They are chlorine resistant and can be spot replaced as necessary.


Alongside the various finishes, there is an expansive array of colors, textures, and patterns to select from. To implement your unique design, we use techniques using saw cuts, aggregates, score lines, various textures, and other creative methods.

Then you will select the top coating. There are various options that have slip-resistant and UV resistant features. Coating designed for easy maintenance is also available.

Limestone Coating

One of our most popular finishes is a limestone coating. It is extremely popular in the Sunbelt states Texas, Arizona, California, and Florida.

The natural stone-like finish has a European feel… what a worldly way to transcend your pool.

On top of a decorative finish, limestone is skid-resistant, the most long-lasting finish, and has a wide range of colors and textures to work with.

It is also resistant to dirt, doesn’t trap moisture, and reinforces the foundation that is being applied against. Limestone is 50 percent calcium carbonate, which is a dense and durable rock that provides protection against impact damage, weather, and chipping.

Okay, now what about the price.

Pool Decking Safety

Having a pool does not come without safety concerns, especially when little ones are pool enthusiasts of your pool.

The most important thing is how slippery the surface is. Optimal traction when the pool deck’s surface is wet is a priority. Textured surfaces are the best solution, but non-skid additives are available for less textured surfaces.

Natural change in temperature and humidity causes the surface to expand and contract. Luckily, a San Jose pool deck has mild temperatures, which minimizes surface movement and cracking.

The Bottom Line With Pool Deck Resurfacing

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Pool deck resurfacing is a practical, cost-effective way to upgrade your backyard with a new pool deck.

At Armor Coatings, we pride ourselves in providing quick turnaround times with projects and so much customization that you’ll get whatever you imagine, with a budget-friendliness. Concrete coatings take us 3-7 days to complete.

Not to mention, our employees have been with us for years and are experts at what they do. They are an extension of our brand, not contracted out when it comes down to the construction.

Most importantly, we value you! Projects like these are rooted in communication so that we can execute exactly what you want.

Trust us…we will transform your pool to be more beautiful than you could have ever imagined.

Go ahead, take the dive, and contact us!

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