Concrete Polishing

Make a Great First Impression

Your living room will be looking like a showroom. 

With the luxurious finish that polished concrete provides, you would never know that it is much less expensive than it looks.

The longevity and easy maintenance of polished concrete draw individuals towards this finish. Concrete polishing can transform any room or create unique design features in your home. It is no question why more and more home owners and businesses are attracted to this luster design — it can transform the entire feel of a building.

A wide array of materials, colors and custom designs means customization for your ideas. We can bring your vision for your property to life.

What is Concrete Polishing?

Picture a glossy mirror-like finish. This concrete can be so reflective that it is practically a mirror. You can choose whatever level of reflectivity that you desire. 

Let us tell you a little about the process…

First, the concrete surface below is prepared for polishing. It is sanded and repaired so that no blemishes or stains distort the beautiful polish coating. 

Next, we apply a chemical hardener to the surface so that the base is as strong as it can be. 

Last, it’s time for polishing. The floor is blasted with extremely fine grit and then topped off with a hardener.


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Diverse Design Options

The kicker is that this can extend the life of your concrete by 20 years. 

Even better:

You can make a design that molds right into the existing space. These are a few of the options we offer:

Stain Resistant

Concrete is typically porous, absorbing any and every stain. Polishing minimizes the pores and prevents particles from settling in.

Relaxed Maintenance

You can maintain the longevity of your floor with basic janitorial cleaning and minimizing any chemical or oil spills from sitting for too long of a time period. 

Reduced Electric Bill

Believe it or not, the reflective properties bounce light around the room. The ambience of the room is greatly improved, and less lighting is needed.

Slip Resistant

Polished concrete is slip resistant. Depending on how sturdy you want the surface to be, we can mix in more non-slip additives. This is especially great if there is a higher chance that the surface will get wet.

Concrete Polishing Near Me

It does not take much to understand how significantly the benefits outweigh the cost. If you are in San Jose or the areas surrounding, we are happy to closely work with you and make your vision come to life. Together we can execute the best aesthetic tailored to you and your space.

A combination of over 35  years of experience and a family-owned business hopefully indicates to you that we exceed expectations and value every single customer like our own family. We can’t wait to talk to you, contact us today!


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