Concrete Patio Resurfacing

Is the cracked, stained, and discolored concrete patio in your backyard keeping you from having summer gatherings at your home? Maybe you’ve tripped or slipped on the worn-down surface one too many times. Or worse, the kids have taken a few tumbles. Or the aesthetics are not up to par for your home.

You’ve avoided renovating for years because of the cost, time, and dedication to having workers in your home for weeks.

No tear-out or demolition is necessary to modernize your patio with Armor Coatings. Here is what we will do for you to reignite your love for your patio, backyard and gatherings!

Short renovations

No hassle. No worker campout in the yard. No plumbing issues. No extended finishing dates. Convenience is our middle name and speed is our first. Our resurfacing takes 3 to 7 days.


You want it…you got it. Every patio is customizable to your imagination. Because you may not be a concrete expert, we’ll show you what designs you have to work with to give your imagination a jumpstart.


The B word. A touchy subject for some, we are upfront and do our best to cater to your needs. The short-duration of project completions enables us to adapt to your budget more fluidly.

Concrete Patio Overlays

We artfully transform your old patio into a meticulous feature of your home. The precision and care are fully embodied with our hand-carved or trowled stone. Each stone is colored to provide the look of real quarried stone.

We take pride in our craft and execute with so much diligence that we hope to be invited to the grand opening and first summer gathering of your new backyard…kidding.


Hire the expert team at Armor Coatings today!

Patio Finishes

With a concrete patio, design can be guided in whatever direction that you desire. There are many options available to choose from, such as a multitude of textures, custom patterns, finishes, colors and shapes. We will find the best combination and design that meshes with your home and ideas. 

Stained Concrete

Stains offer subtle cohesive washes of color to the entire patio. The colors typically come in earth tones and brings out the initial color of concrete. Stains do not chip or wither away in the way that paint does. Stains liven and lengthen the life of your patio design.

Coloring the concrete uplifts the project to the next level. From blending in with the surroundings to a vibrant, energizing space, a color scheme adds a valuable dimension to the patio.

We can craftily re-create the look of natural flagstone, cobblestone, travertine, stone tile or brick to compliment the over all design of the area.

More Details About Stained Concrete

Design, Custom Patterns & Colors

Stained concrete is a cost-effective method that gives the look of natural stone, wood or brick with a durable, weather-resistant surface.

Because the design options are so customizable and there are endless possibilities, indecision can be a factor here. It is easy to get inspiration from the surrounding landscape or color scheme and design of your home for the new patio.

Natural stone patterns are the most popular kind of pattern. Other options include brick, wood, cobblestone, flagstone, and fieldstone.

Grays, earth tones and red & rust are the most used colors. The layering ability of colors is a way to add depth to the patio’s surface.

The ability of stained concrete to mimic other surfaces is why it is the most versatile and functional material. The customization ability is unprecedented in comparison to other finishes.

Concerns About Stained Concrete

Some people worry that the finish is not authentic enough to be mistaken for real stone. The finish does look realistic thanks to the layering of colors and a multitude of textures that we provide. 

Slip-resistance is also prioritized. Because it is concrete, it is less slippery than real stone. However, when wet the surface can become slick. A simple fix is adding non-skid additives.

Maintenance is easy because this surface is so durable. Basic cleaning can be done with a hose or pressure washer. It is suggested that every few years the surface is resealed.

The vibrancy of the color does not fade if properly maintained and resealed every few years. The good news is that even if fading does occur because you forgot to maintain your beautiful patio, the color can easily be restored with cleaning and resealing.


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We have been in the industry for 38 years; providing beautiful custom concrete overlays, decorative concrete staining and waterproofing for interiors and exteriors of homes and businesses.

Armor Coatings is run by true artists and we take the time to customize our products to suit our customer’s needs. From epoxy flooring to concrete artistry, Armor Coatings can transform any concrete pool deck, walkway, garage, or floor into something truly beautiful.

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