Stained Concrete
In The Bay Area

Does your driveway look dreary? Is the patio parched? How about the pool deck, is that dilapidated? Don’t forget about showing your worn steps and walkways some love if they’re in need.

If you want to enhance the beauty and value of your home in San Jose and The Bay Area, California. Armor Coatings provides a graceful blend of customization, attention to detail, and quick completion.

Updating the surface of any of these features can surprisingly have a large effect on your home, both in appearance and market value.


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Stained Concrete Has A Powerful Transformative Capability

A high-quality finish and enriched space are what coloring with stain concrete can do for you and your home. A concrete surface absorbs the stain and once finished, the surface has a special luxurious luminosity to it.

Stained concrete can look like upscale concrete, polished marble, natural stone, tanned leather, stained wood, brick, or various other finishes. There is a multitude of finish options, we will help you select the perfect fit to revive your home.

New or old concrete, we can stain what you have. If the surface is so worn down and jagged that stain won’t even resuscitate it, we can go ahead and resurface it for you to get the best result.


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Water-Based Stains

If the subdued earth-tones are underwhelming for you, then you should use water-based stains. This stain offers a larger, more vibrant palette to choose from…even metallic.

This stain combines water, acrylic, and pigments that work together to permanently color the surface. The mixture can be as translucent or as opaque as desired depending on the composition of the solution.

This composition has less chemicals than the custom stain. It is also easier to apply and dries faster.

Both custom and water-based stains are semi-translucent. The stain is meant to enhance the concrete — not hide it. The opacity is not a problem for mimicking surface types like wood or brick.

Benefits of Stained Concrete

It wouldn’t be fair to leave out the cons now would it:

Logistically, the benefits outweigh the cons…It comes down to whether stained concrete works for you stylistically. 

But do keep in mind, we can mold the surface to any style to mimic almost any texture.

 Concerns About Concrete Staining

Concrete can be cold, but it stores heat from the day which keeps the surface warmer for longer at night.

Stained concrete is cheaper than tile, brick, or wood. Stained concrete looks like tile, brick, or wood, but at a fraction of the cost. 

Stained concrete can become slippery when it is wet, but anti-slip grit and other anti-skid additives can be implemented into the composition upon application.

Maintenance and cleaning is easy. All you should do is sweep, leaf blow, or rinse with a garden hose. For protection and longevity, a coat of sealer can be applied once a year.

Here at Armor Coatings, our staff is dedicated to you and your home. We want the renovation to surpass your expectations. With our fast completion time, customization, and budget-friendliness, we are your trusted concrete stainers.


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We have been in the industry for 38 years; providing beautiful custom concrete overlays, decorative concrete staining and waterproofing for interiors and exteriors of homes and businesses.

Armor Coatings is run by true artists and we take the time to customize our products to suit our customer’s needs. From epoxy flooring to concrete artistry, Armor Coatings can transform any concrete pool deck, walkway, garage, or floor into something truly beautiful.

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