8 Amazing Pool Decks in Celebrity Homes In California

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California is one of those states where you are sure to find some of the biggest A-list stars in the US. These celebrities sure know how to make a statement with their home design, especially with pools. Maybe that is because California is home to some of the most exotic and gorgeous pools, with places like Beverly Hills, Silicon Valley, and Palo Alto housing some of them. This article will discuss some amazing celebrity homes with gorgeous pools in California.

1. Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra is said to be the pacesetter for gorgeous celebrity homes in Palm Springs, California, and this amazing building and swimming pool states just that. The swimming pool is modeled after a giant piano with a minimalist pool deck design that matches Frank Sinatra’s taste. It is still one of the most beautiful pools in Palm Springs, CA, to date.

2. Adele

Formerly Sylvester Stallone’s hidden mansion in Beverly Hills, this Adele home is one sight for sore eyes. The large pool adds beauty and detail to the yard with its wide pool deck area that comfortably houses a relaxation area. It is one of the best you will find in Beverly Hills.

3. Taylor Swift

Famous for her excellent singing, which has won her several awards, Taylor Swift also shows a high taste in her home choices, especially the pool area. We can comfortably say that after looking at the secluded pool with a fantastic beach-like pool deck, this house is worth the $25M she put down on this one.

4. Ellen Degeneres

Formerly Adam Levine’s gorgeous home, this house features some of the most futuristic facilities, including an amazing pool area with a slim pool deck and surrounding lawn. The slim pool deck is layered with Brazilian granite to match the style of the home.

5. Rihanna

This Rihanna’s $6.8M mansion in West Hollywood, California, is exactly what you would expect it to be. The mansion boasts seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and a stunning sleek pool that enhances the curb appeal. The pool deck is made of clear shiny stone that matches the color of the building.

6. Jennifer Aniston

Referred to by architects and designers as a masterclass in low-key luxury, this Jennifer Aniston’s home is among the most luxurious homes designed by A. Quincy Jones. The pool deck has a similar design to the one in Taylor Swift’s mansion but is smaller. It is made with natural stone and is only a few inches above the water.

7. Sandra Bullock

The Oceans Eight star has one of the most luxurious homes in California, where she dropped a whopping $16.9M in 2011. The seven-bedroom is just a few blocks away from Ricky Martin’s mansion and has a significantly different pool than many on this list, with a spherical shape and a peculiar stone pool deck.

8. Miley Cirus

The pool in this $4M home is everything everyone wants in a pool. Secluded, cozy, and tucked away in a shady area away from the heat. The white pool deck adds character to the already luxurious home and is arguably one of the best celebrity pools in the area.

What Celebrity Has The Coolest Pool In California?

Among all the celebrity pools already mentioned above, one that really stands out from the rest in terms of design, luxury, and relevance, is Rihanna’s pool. The pool has an exotic appearance and fits perfectly into the home’s minimalist design.

What Are The Best Options For Pool Decks?

Some of the most preferred pool deck options for pool decks in California include tile, pavers, wood, concrete, natural stone, and brick. However, two of the best you should consider include the following:

Concrete Overlay

Concrete overlay is one of the most cost-effective and futuristic pool deck resurfacing options you can find. With this method, you do not have to replace your pool deck. A simple refinishing project that allows you to apply a concrete coating to your existing pool deck after a series of concrete preparation steps can have your pool area looking better than new. This option also offers longevity of up to decades without heavy maintenance and repair.  

Hire A Pool Deck Contractor Today

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