How to Repair Cracks in a Concrete Driveway

repairing cracks in a driveway

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One of the reasons many people opt for concrete driveways is the cement mixture’s ability to last for a lifetime. But some problems occur along the way. Lousy placement procedures and exposure to severe weather conditions often result in cracking, chipping, discoloring, and thus shortening its lifespan. But you can minimize this damage by fixing it in time if you know how to do the repairs. If you don’t, you can schedule an appointment with a concrete driveway repair professional near you to advise or fix it if you are not a DIY enthusiast.


Concrete Driveway Repair Options

If your concrete is deformed in any way but is structurally sound, you can save a lot of money by repairing the driveway instead of ripping the material out and starting it over. A professional concrete repairs contractor can assess your driveway condition and help you be sure of its integrity.

Our experts have helped many homeowners and businesses in San Jose to assess the condition of their concrete driveway and give accurate repair options. We understand how important it is to figure out the cause of the damage and then choose the most appropriate concrete driveway repair option. This helps to prevent similar future problems. Whenever you are working with our contractors, you can be at peace knowing that you will get useful recommendations.

We offer you a service that suits the condition of your concrete at reasonable costs. The ideal repair options can range from filling patches to applying a decorative resurfacer.


cracked driveway repair


Concrete Driveways Repair Solutions

Concrete driveway repairs can help you save a lot of money if you act fast. But other solutions will help extend the lifespan of your concrete and maintain its aesthetic value for several years. Therefore, the driveway crack repair process used on your concrete driveway determines whether you will successfully restore the high-value or not.

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Concrete Leveling

This is the first process that you need to undertake to repair cracks and resurface your concrete driveway. Realigning the slabs ensure you get a flat surface that you can work on effectively. Our experts can handle this by carefully pumping some materials under the sunken slabs and then gently lifting the slabs until they are fully aligned with the others around them. This job could involve moving a single slab or lifting and leveling almost all of them, depending on the degree of damage.

Concrete Caulking

Once we have completed the concrete leveling process, we fill the cracks with flexible caulk. This process ensures that water does not flow under the slabs. Remember, if water can flow under it, the slabs will soon sink.

If the cracks in your concrete are ¼ wide or less, filling them with patches can work because they don’t pose any structural risks. You can easily do this as a DIY project. But note that too many small cracks will leave behind ugly concrete patches. In addition, these patches are not waterproof which creates room for the cracks to reopen and become bigger in the near future.

Our teams at Armor Coatings ensure you get a waterproof metallic epoxy coating that lasts and looks good.



Concrete Resurfacing

Bigger cracks, chips, and peels will require a concrete overlay or resurfacing for your driveway to become durable and aesthetically appealing. The process involves a thin layer of a cement-based system that we apply to the concrete surface. With this option, you can add coloring or stamping as a decorative finish. This repair option is waterproof, beautiful, and lasts for ages.

Tools and Materials to Repair Cracks in a Concrete Driveway 

It would achieve your goal fastest if you had these tools and materials:

  • Caulk- Choose non-sag or self-leveling designed for joint and crack sealing
  • Caulk Gun-Get one that can hold the size of your caulk tubes
  • Backer Rod- Help to reduce the amount of caulk required
  • Spray Bottle- Fill it with soapy water and use to smooth out the caulk
  • Dry Sand- Can use to blend the caulk in with the concrete (optional)

It’s worth noting that not all concrete materials are ideal for every repair and resurfacing project. We choose materials depending on your area’s weather conditions, traffic volume, budget, degree of damage, and unique need to ensure your project is successful. Only well-trained professionals can develop solutions tailored to your unique concrete driveway and resurfacing needs. Choose the right service provider to get value for your money. 

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Concrete Driveway Repair is Armor Coatings Specialty

Are you considering our concrete driveway repair service? We can help you fast due to our extensive experience. Armor Coatings has been repairing concrete driveways for over 35 years. The work is often a lengthy process and requires attention to details such as the right material and weather. We can professionally repair any concrete driveway crack in minutes due to the amount of experience that we have doing professional concrete driveway repairs and resurfacing. 

We also have an exceptional ability to identify problems and risks. Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau is a clear testimony that our client gets value for their money. If you want a professional repair contractor with a proven record of reliability, feel free to contact us today.


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