How Much Does Pool Resurfacing Cost?

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How much does Pool Resurfacing Cost?

The average cost to resurface your pool is $6,500, depending on the size of your pool, the level of damage it already has, and the resurfacing option you choose. The cost can range from $1,000 to $30,000 for both homes and commercial pools.


If your pool has a cracked, flaked, broken, and chipped surface, the right time to call a pool resurfacing expert is now. Our technicians at Armor Coatings will redesign your pool to a level that beats your expectations at an affordable price.

Factors that influence the cost of pool resurfacing

As mentioned earlier, the cost of resurfacing your pool can go higher or below the average cost, depending on the size and level of damage. Below are the factors to consider in detail:

1. Pool material

We use a wide variety of materials to resurface your pool to bring out the beauty, and each of those materials costs differently. Some of those materials include epoxy, aggregate, plaster, paint, and tile. Concrete and fiberglass pools, for example, are some of the most expensive to resurface. However, the results are mind-blowing.

2. Area/Size of the pool

Pool resurfacing is priced based on cost per square foot, and no doubt, the size of your pool increases the resurfacing cost. Your best bet is to work with us at Armor Coatings, as we charge some of the lowest fees you can find.

3. Condition of the pool

This simply means that the more the damage, the more work our technicians have to do to give you an excellent result. This is because we cannot begin any resurfacing process until repairs are done on the surface.

4. Cleaning, draining, and refilling

Before we carry out the pool resurfacing, we need to empty the pool to fix the damage. After that is done, we move on to repair, resurface, clean and refill the pool to make it ready for use. These services will not cost you a lot but can increase the resurfacing cost by a few dollars.

5. Special customization

We are out to give you the best results you can ever ask for, and customizing your pool is one of the ways we do that. Whatever design or style you want your pool to have, our technicians will deliver excellence within a short period and leave no chance for error. We use cutting-edge equipment and high-quality materials to help you create the look that fits your backyard and sense of style.

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How often does a pool need to be resurfaced?

Depending on the type of pool you have and the kind of finish, pool resurfacing can last from three to thirty years. For pools with plaster or cement, you can expect cracks and chips more frequently, and you’ll have to repair and resurface your pool at least once every three to five years. However, fiberglass and epoxy can last for several decades without showing signs of damage. 

How do you know when your pool needs to be resurfaced?

The moment you begin to see chips, cracks, flakes, and broken parts, that’s when you need to call a resurfacing expert. The longer you wait, the more damage you have to repair and the higher the cost. 

What happens if you don’t resurface your pool?

If you don’t resurface your pool when you should, the cracks and unevenness will increase rapidly, leaving room for algae and mold to start forming. Also, the earlier you call a technician for pool resurfacing, the lesser the cost. 

How long should pool resurfacing last?

In good weather, pool resurfacing can take around five to seven days, depending on the size of the pool and the kind of material or finish you choose. 

What are the different types of pool resurfacing?

Some of the most popular options for pool resurfacing include aggregate, paint, plaster, tile, fiberglass, and epoxy.

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