What Is The Process For Resurfacing and Replacing A Pool Deck?

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Pool decks help your pools stand out in the yard and improve curb appeal. They can be designed or resurfaced with several options, including concrete, wood, travertine, brick, stone, and many more, to give your yard an excellent appearance. Want to discover the step-by-step process to resurface your pool deck? Find out below. 

What Is The Process For Pool Deck Resurfacing?

The process is straightforward but requires the use of high-level equipment to accomplish. When you call your flooring expert, they will go through the following procedure.

1) Removing The Existing Coating

The first step is peeling off the existing pool deck coating to reveal the concrete. This step requires cutting-edge industrial grinding machines and the knowledge of an expert to avoid destroying the concrete. Removing the existing coating reveals the concrete to help you see if any significant damage to your concrete needs to be repaired. More often than not, it is not necessary to demolish the concrete, as the next step will be to fix any damage to it.

2) Crack Repair and Concrete Prep

After peeling off the coating and damage is discovered, whether small or big, the expert begins to repair the damage by applying a layer of concrete patch. This step is necessary to eliminate the chance of having the coating delaminate within a short period.

3) Apply Concrete Overlay

In this step, the expert applies the first layer of concrete to create a foundation for other applications and cover the repairs. This process is done by spraying, rolling, and trowelling the desired product.

4) More Coating And Staining

At this stage, you’re left with the aesthetics and design. The expert shapes the concrete to give you the exact aesthetics you want to see. A few options include stamped concrete, rubber coating systems, epoxy finish, and more.

5) Protective and Anti Slip Coating

For extra assurance, the expert may add an additive that increases slip resistance to reduce accidents around the pool deck. This additional coating will provide a long-lasting pool deck that stays beautiful over the years. 


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