Trending Styles For Pool Decks In Silicon Valley California


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Now you can look forward to the trendiest pool decks in Silicon Valley, California. The recent developments in the contracting and resinous coating industry have led to new and exciting trends in the options and styles you can use on your pool deck.

The modern designs make it possible to create pools that are more accessible and eco-friendly. Let’s look at the trending styles for pool decks in Silicon Valley, California.

Coolest Pool Decks In Silicon Valley

Credit: https://artaic.com/installations/silicon-valley-residence/

Swimming pools in Silicon Valley were seen as a symbol of wealth, luxury, and glamour. They symbolized all the things that we associate with a perfect California lifestyle.

The coolest pool decks in Silicon Valley are not just pools. They are places for members to reconnect with each other, rejuvenate and enjoy themselves with friends.

Limestone Coating Pool Deck

Incorporating limestone overlays into your pool deck is a way to elevate the space to the next level. Lime finish decking is more attractive than bare concrete or pea gravel and keeps temperatures down by simulating the feel of a natural stone floor in your backyard pool deck. Lime coat allows you to change your backyard pool deck and patio into beautiful outdoor living space without requiring any unpleasant tear-out.

Pool Deck Coatings That Look Like Granite

Pool deck coatings are often made to look like granite. The coating is installed in a way that it looks like natural stone and at the same time also protects the pool.

Stone pool decks made of granite are long-lasting and fashionable because of their natural appearance. Pavers built from concrete can be designed to seem like other materials, such as cobblestones, granite tiles, or even bricks.

Pool Deck Coatings That Look Like Stamped Concrete

Your damaged concrete surface can be repaired using a technique known as a stamped overlay, which also allows you to add a decorative component with the appearance of natural stone, brick, or even wood. Compared to a new pour, it might be a more expensive option to install, but throughout its lifetime, it will prove to be the most cost-efficient choice.

Pool Decks That Look Like Marble

Marble is a trendy material because it is attractive, long-lasting, and resistant to the effects of the weather. Marble may be fashioned in many different ways, so it can easily be adapted to suit a range of aesthetic preferences. Marble pool decks tend to add even more value to a home, which is already enhanced by the presence of a pool.

The Best Silicon Valley Pool Deck

credit: https://artaic.com/installations/silicon-valley-residence/

Pool decks are simply outdoor spaces often located around the pool and may include a patio, furniture, and a bar. They are typically covered with a roof to provide relief from the sun.

A pool deck is an open-air space around your pool that you can use for relaxing and entertaining. This is usually where you’ll find some of the best parties at your home, so it’s essential to have plenty of seating for guests, as well as tables for food preparation and cooking.

Get Your California Pool Deck Resurfaced Today!

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