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When property owners approach us to do something about their worn-out grey concrete, acid staining is one of the resurfacing options we offer. The reason is simple; acid stains turn boring concrete into durable and gorgeous surfaces. Basement floors, pool decks, garage floors, patios, walkways become colorful and eye-catching with a quality staining job. How does this work? An acid stain penetrates a concrete surface and reacts with its contents to create deep hues that don’t scratch off, peel away, or fade.

At Armor Coatings, we advise you on the flooring options you’ve got and help you acid stain your residential, commercial, and industrial property at reasonable costs. Keep in mind that we give a free consultation and quote on all projects. All you need to do is reach out to us now with your inquiry.

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Concrete Acid Stain Beautifies Concrete

When acid stains interact with concrete surfaces, they react to minerals that already exist on the concrete floor. The chemical reaction that happens here results in a range of earth colors like browns, terra, tans, cottas, subtle greens, and blues. The chemical reaction will vary from one project to another so that each project is unique and cannot be replicated anywhere else.

As mentioned earlier, acid stain concrete is unlike concrete paint and other topical coatings that peel off after some time. They soak into your concrete to create a beautiful and permanent flooring solution. This stain does not hide your concrete but rather enhances it.

Our Acid Staining Process for Concrete

  1. All our flooring projects begin with preparing and cleaning the work area. That means removing furniture and any other movable items to provide ample working space. The cleaning process depends on the current condition of your floor. You might need a cleaner, grease and paint remover. Lightly spraying the floor surface with water beads up to help identify spots with hidden grease marks.
  2. The next step is to protect wall surfaces around the working area. We cover these walls with plastic sheeting using tapes so that the concrete stain doesn’t reach and react with these surfaces.
  3. We then use industrial-grade grinders to remove stubborn stains. Grinding also rids the floor of protrusions known as fins and levels it. Depending on the condition of your floor, we fit the grinder with abrasive disks that help to smoothen the floor without breaking or compromising the concrete.
  4. Armor Coatings staining experts put on long-sleeved clothing, anti-chemical resistant gloves, and protective goggles to start working with the acid stains. We then dilute the acid stain according to the product manufacturer’s guidelines. Start spraying from one end of the concrete slab moving towards the other end. If it’s interior places like your garage, we begin with the corners away from the entrance as we move out using a pump sprayer. We also use paintbrushes to reach hidden sections of your concrete.
  5. While the acid stain is still wet, we employ a push broom to brush it into the concrete floor. This is done by stroking the solution multiple times into the floor so that it looks uniform. Again, depending on the manufacturer’s guidelines and your requirements, we give the stain five to 24 hours to penetrate the concrete. The longer it stays, the deeper the staining goes into your concrete.
  6. Once your concrete has attained the desired hue, we apply an alkali solution to neutralize the acid stain. We use a push broom to scrub as we apply this solution.
  7. Thorough rinsing follows using clean water several times until all the acidic residue is removed. We then collect the residue using a wet vac so that we can safely dispose of it.
  8. Finally, to protect the surface from stains, we apply a protective concrete sealer. There are several types of concrete sealers that we choose depending on the use of your floor. For instance, a garage that expects vehicle traffic, chemical drips, and hot tires will require a more aggressive sealer compared to a basement with little activity.

Take note that applying acid stain can be messy particularly indoors, making it unsafe to try doing it by yourself. A chemical reaction that results from this process emits VOCs that can harm your eyes and lungs.

Another concern is the effect unmanaged aftermath chemicals would have on grass and vegetation around the work area.

It’s better to hire a professional to install it for you and take the precautions that ensure you are living in a safe environment.


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Can You Acid Stain Old Concrete?

If you are wondering whether the age of concrete matters when it comes to acid staining, the answer is yes. Yes, we acid stain both new concrete and old concrete. The process for the two is not different but slightly varies depending on the condition of your existing floor.

A suitability test often comes into play if we suspect that your concrete is too damaged or has a lot of moisture content. A concrete stain should be used on a dry concrete surface or one with low moisture emission.

Armor coatings experts inspect your old concrete to ensure it’s in good condition to be stained. We then remove any contamination that might hinder the acid stain from penetrating. That includes sealers, glue, paint, oil, grease, waxes, among others. Stripping the old concrete follows, our team is equipped with tools and hacks to ensure all the contaminants are removed.

You also have to test the concrete to ensure the concrete is clean, reacts properly, and that you like the resulting hue. When sure that your concrete is ready, you can go ahead and stain it, neutralize and seal the floor the same way we’ve discussed above.

How Much Does it Cost to Acid Stain a Concrete Floor?

Stain application costs depend on a few variables including the condition of your floor, where your project is, and how complex you want the end result. Acid staining concrete costs range between $7 and $15 for every square foot. Depending on how simple or intricate your project is, we charge anything between $2 to $25 per square foot for our services.

If you want us to work on 1,000 square feet of property, you could spend anywhere between $3,000 to $18,000. Depending on how you answer the following questions, the installation costs could go higher or remain close to the standard prices:

  • Does your existing floor surface need work to prepare it for a new installation?
  • Do you need complex design finishes or a basic design for your new installation?
  • How many square feet is the property we are working on?

To be sure how much your project will cost, contact us to give you a free quote and advise you on the way forward.

What is the Best Acid Stain for Concrete?

Acid stain concrete application will depend on personal requirements and your budget. So what’s best for one property owner might not be good for another one. So what’s the best acid stain for concrete? It depends. Regardless of your choice or what a contractor suggests is the best for your floor, all stains should last if applied properly.

Acid stains are a mixture of hydrochloric acid, water, and metallic salts. They come in a plethora of colors: amber, blue, bronze, black forest, navy, olive, persimmon, and red among others. Your choice will depend on the color and design dynamics you expect to achieve. After the installation process, the results will greatly depend on how the chemical reactions take place.

What is the Difference Between Acid Stain and Concrete Stain?

Concrete stains can be either water-based or acid-based. Water-based stains are a combination of acrylic, pigments, and water that produce permanent colors when applied to the concrete. This composition contains fewer chemicals compared to acid stains. If you are stuck with which concrete staining option you should pick, connect with us at Armor Coatings so we may advise and help you make the right choice.


  • Acid stains are a cheaper option than tiles, wood, stone, and many other concrete resurfacing alternatives
  • They improve the aesthetic value of concrete; a great alternative to replacing your floor
  • Works together with other flooring finishes to make a concrete surface that is attractive and durable
  • Resistant to bad weather, making it great for outdoor use
  • Cleaning is easy with sweeping and mopping. And the sporadic resealing makes it easy to maintain
  • Help save energy through heat radiation
  • There’s a wide array of colors you can choose
  • You get a concrete stain that’s unique to your floor


  • Not recommended for DIY projects because of chemical and the industrial-grade equipment involved which can cause harm with mishandling
  • If used alone, acid stains won’t improve the durability of your concrete and won’t cover the available imperfections on your floor
  • This concrete stain can be slippery of non-skid additives are not used

Concrete Acid Stain for Kitchen Floors

Concrete is a great flooring solution for kitchens because it is durable and reduces allergens. But when you choose concrete as your kitchen flooring material, it shouldn’t necessarily have an industrial look. With concrete stain, you can achieve beautiful kitchen designs. You can enhance your concrete with acid stain to get warm tones of different colors and even customize attractive patterns you desire. All you need to do is place your project in the right hands.

Whether it is a residential, commercial, or industrial kitchen, the best part is that your stained concrete floor will be able to handle heavy foot activity, intense heat, and food spillage. It performs better than wood, tiles, and linoleum.


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Concrete Acid Stain for Basement Floor

Stained concrete has increasingly become a top choice for basement flooring in most homes. The fact that acid stain can take on the appearance of wood floors, tiles, and marble but still offer a more lasting solution is the main reason most homeowners choose it. Stain colors and other contents make basement floors warmer through radiation as well.

Another plus for basement floors is the ability of acid stain working alongside other products like wax to relieve moisture-related problems. Applying acid stain in basements offer better results than acrylic sealers that allow moisture to penetrate into your rooms.

Concrete Acid Stain for Garage Floor

Garage spaces need to be durable and impervious to chemical abrasion, vehicle activity, chemical drips, tool falls, hot tires, and climatic variations. Applying acid together with a concrete sealer ensures your garage is hardwearing enough to handle these unique conditions.

Whether your garage is a living space, parking space, or even a commercial parking lot, the concrete stain will come in handy to make it both functional and durable.

Interior and Exterior Concrete Stain Application

Applying acid stain is not just limited to kitchens, basement floors, and garages. You can use this flooring option for both interior or exterior concrete (old or new) during your home improvement or industrial resurfacing. Besides revitalizing your lackluster surfaces, when you stain concrete you give them great UV stability. Considering that there’s a variety of colors and designs possible with this flooring option, you can apply it to virtually any place you’ve installed concrete. Some of the applications of this flooring method include:

  • All floors in a residential property
  • Walkways and driveways
  • Office floors
  • Concrete walls and fireplaces
  • Warehouses
  • Countertops in your kitchen
  • Patios
  • Verandas

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