How Much Does Stained Concrete Patio Cost?

stained concrete cost

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If you have been browsing Pinterest and home project blogs, you have likely seen stained concrete patios that are gorgeous. It has become a popular asset to any home and is well worth an investment. Cost, of course, becomes the first question. We can confidently estimate that basic staining is around $2-$4 per square foot.

What Influences the Cost of Stained Concrete?

Part of the cost of anything is due to supplies, the size of the job, materials needed, and level of expertise. That is often why you will find some estimates to be higher or lower than the average rate per square foot. Let’s look at all the ways the cost can be influenced.

The Complexity Of Stain Application

If you are wanting a simple stain of one color, it’s often not going to impact the price much. When you start wanting multiple colors and designs that you will find the cost rises. It means more supplies, materials, and expertise in something beyond a simple application adds to the project cost.

Your Local Market

Where you live has every bit of an impact on the cost of staining concrete. Supplies and materials are cheaper in some areas than in others. Folks in San Jose, CA will pay more than someone in Mobile, AL. If materials and supplies are being shipped in, that will also affect the cost of concrete stain. Skilled labor costs will also vary by area.

New Vs. Old Concrete

The status of your patio is going to affect the cost. If you are starting fresh and need new concrete, that will add significantly to the cost. Whereas if you already have an existing concrete surface, it won’t affect the cost as much.

Surface Prep Requirements

Whether it is a new concrete patio or existing flooring, surface prep is part of the cost of your new stained patio. Existing concrete floors need a different type of prep than a new floor and can be a cost-efficient way to get the patio you want.

The Size Of The Job (Square Footage)

It may sound obvious but the bigger the job, the bigger the cost. The higher the square footage, the more work and materials are needed to get the job done.

The Type Of Sealer Used

The type of sealer you choose affects cost as well. There are typically three types used for exterior stained concrete floors. Those are:

  • penetrating sealers
  • acrylics
  • polyurethanes

Penetrating sealers average a cost of $.20-$.75 per square foot. Acrylics and polyurethanes are usually $.25 – $.50 per square foot.

Concrete Patio Cost Per Square Foot

With all the numbers thrown at you, you might still be asking how much it costs to stain your concrete patio. So here is an easier way to understand:

  • An entry-level concrete patio can typically cost around $2-$4/sqft.
  • The intermediate level is around $4-$1010/sqft.
  • A high-end level of staining can be upwards of $25/sqft.

Concrete Patio Materials Cost

Concrete slabs are used most often with concrete patio installation. The cost for these slabs ranges from $1-$5 per square foot. There are alternatives, such as brick and pavers. Let’s see what the cost difference is between those options.

Concrete Patio Vs. Pavers

Concrete pavers cost around $5 to $10 per square foot and are much more labor-intensive. There are multiple layers involved and a lot more preparation involved. You can expect to pay more overall with a paver option.

Concrete Patio Vs. Brick

Materials for a brick patio will cost around $7 per square foot and another $10 to $12 per square foot in labor. There are also multiple layers and lots of prep with brick patios. Upkeep can be costly as bricks are likely to become uneven and weeds can grow between them.

Concrete Staining Cost

Basic Stain Job Cost

On average, a basic stain will cost you $2-4 per square foot. This is for a simple, one-color pour.

Intermediate  Stain Job Cost

An intermediate stain job features multiple colors and designs. You can expect to pay around $4-10 per square foot 

Upgraded stain job Cost

Sometimes we are unhappy with our stained concrete after a few years. Since the stain cannot be removed, an upgrade becomes necessary. This will usually cost around $8-15 per square foot.

Can I Save Money by Staining My Concrete Myself?

If you have any experience in stained concrete, and it’s a simple one-color pour, yes you can save yourself the cash. However, if you make any mistakes that need to be corrected in the future, it will cost you significantly more to have them repaired. We highly recommend you get a professional to ensure properly done staining.

Is Concrete Staining Cheaper or More Expensive than Tile, Wood & Other Flooring Options?

The best way to make decisions on stained concrete patios vs other flooring options is to comparison shop. In the chart below, we provide those comparisons based on average prices on basic installation. Be sure to price-check in your area to understand the true cost you are facing.

Concrete $2-$4

Hardwood $12-$20

Vinyl Planing $3-$7

Tile $1-$5

We Can Make It Easier

Rather than trying to gather the materials and doing the labor, contact us. We have years of experience that means we get it right the first time.

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