Everything You Need To Know About Concrete Driveway Repair


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Every homeowner in San Jose California will, at some point, need to repair their concrete driveway. Cracks, settlement, and discoloration are often the first things that come to light. Settlement is when the soil beneath the concrete can no longer support the weight of the driveway. Rather than fine surface cracks, one will notice large cracks and sinking in some areas. Before you do anything about your driveway, let’s learn more about concrete driveway repairs.

The Types Of Concrete Driveway Repair

The type of repair you need will depend on the type of damage that has occurred. Driveway staining and coating is always a great solution. Typically you will select one or more of the following:

  • Concrete Engraving- for a few small cracks
  • Filling – for damage after extreme weather
  • Recoloring- to revive the appearance of the driveway
  • Slabjacking – for sinkholes
  • Replacement – for those times when repairs are too costly.

concrete driveway

Driveway Repair Solutions

DIY repairs on your concrete driveway cost less than professionals because you can avoid labor costs. However, we strongly urge you to consider if you have the time and know-how. Let’s review each type of repair.

Resurfacing Of Existing Concrete Driveways

We all know how frequent earthquakes are in San Jose and these cause a majority of cracks and potholes. If ignored, these issues will lead to a broken concrete driveway that will damage your vehicles. Driveway resurfacing is a great project when patching a pothole isn’t enough to solve the issue. Concrete resurfacing is essentially a two-part process. First, you fill in all the cracks and holes; then, you cover them with resurfacing materials. Then, it must dry for 6 hours before you can walk or drive on the concrete. The good news is that your driveway will look brand new.

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Concrete Engraving To Disguise Cracks Rr Flaws

Sometimes you need to bring some life to your concrete driveway while also hiding cracks and irregularities. You can really make a gorgeous concrete or asphalt driveway through this process, but we don’t recommend it being a DIY project. Engraving is a permanent treatment that will last for decades, and if you make a mistake, it isn’t easy to fix.

Recoloring To Revive Or Correct The Look

Stains are often a problem that can break down the concrete. What’s even more concerning is that some stain removers can also deteriorate the integrity of your concrete driveway. To avoid future concrete repairs, recoloring is a fantastic way to correct the look of your entranceway.

There are so many different colors on the market; you can find exactly what you want. You can complement your home’s exterior or add a little pizazz. You can layer colors to create your own unique look. Always remember, light colors deflect heat, and dark ones absorb it.



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Concrete Driveway Repair Cost Comparison

The cost to repair your concrete driveway is always a concern. If you use concrete contractors to do the work, you will need to factor in labor costs and the cost of materials and tools used. So let’s take a closer look at the costs you will incur.

Patch or Fill

For small cracks and potholes, homeowners are paying anywhere from $100-$400. This comes out to about $3-$8 per square foot for filling small cracks. Asphalt driveways cost around $2-$5 per square foot.


Homeowners are shelling out $600-$3000 to resurface their driveway. This translates into $1-$3 for asphalt driveways and $3-$7 per square foot for concrete driveways.

Engraving & Staining

On average, this will cost $3-$6 per square foot for engraving or staining. With engraving, you can experience costs that are above the average. It will all depend on the intricacy of design as you will need more materials, and some of those may be more costly.

Slab Jacking

Slab jacking will range from $500 – $1800 for a concrete driveway. This means you can expect about $3-$6 per square foot.


Replacing your driveway has a wide range in cost, anywhere from $2000 to $15,000 or $2-$15 per square foot. The cost is considering the breaking up and removal of the old driveway and installation of the new one. Of course, the size of your driveway will have an impact on the cost as well.

Concrete DIY projects will generally require a weekend or two to complete. We strongly advise that the average San Jose resident calls us to handle the repairs. We bring years of experience that will make the repair or replacement of your concrete driveway easier in your life. Our experts are patiently waiting for your call.

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