Game and Family Room Flooring Ideas

game and family room flooring ideas

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The family room of a home is a gathering space—a place for games and entertainment. Finding family room flooring ideas that work for you and your family will make the room more enjoyable, and give value to your family. 

There are a few things to consider when comparing family and game room flooring ideas for your family’s needs. When comparing flooring materials and designs, you’ll want to consider how the area is used most by your family. Usually durability and a “fun” look is important. A metallic epoxy floor is a great option.

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Family Room Flooring Ideas

Most people think of flooring by room. Bathrooms have tile, bedrooms have carpet, and kitchens see laminate or hardwood; but what do you put in the family room? This depends greatly on how your family uses your family room. 

Is it a game room where you gather for board games? Do you use it to watch movies together, or read in plush comfortable chairs? Has your family room become a playroom for your rambunctious toddler? Each of these needs warrants a different flooring option. 

traditional flooring

Traditional Flooring Concepts


Some people prefer the versatility of the term “family room” as it stands in for a den, office, home-school room, sleepover space, and more. To get the most out of this room, your flooring option needs to be durable, comfortable, and easy to clean. Some people even go fancy with making a family room similar to an arcade. The possibilities are endless.


A durable carpeting option gives a soft, quiet, and plush feel to a family room space. The underlayment you choose can be the difference between hours of comfort and enjoyment, and fidgety squirming and numb feet after sitting on the floor. 

Some carpets are made with yarns that are almost 100% non-absorbent, making spills easy and fast to clean up. The easy to clean carpet types are also resistant to smells, so you’re less likely to end up with a lingering pet odor. 

Short pile carpets aren’t as comfortable but are highly durable. These are the types of carpet used in high traffic areas, like offices and libraries. These would be a good option for a game room that is more likely to house a billiards table and an arcade collection than a playroom for smaller children. 

Long pile carpets are more comfortable but require more maintenance. These are softer and plusher. They offer more sound dampening, and a softer fall surface for early movers and roughhousing. 

Throw rugs are a good middle ground but at the end of the day, the downside to carpet is that it picks up dust, can be difficult to clean and ultimately could be a health hazard.


Traditional hardwood floors are a good option but can get scratches and don’t do well with spills or long term use. They add a charming layer to almost any aesthetic and create an easy to clean surface for your family to gather on. Hardwood flooring gains its namesake because it’s created from very hard natural wood. 

There are different colors and grain textures available, depending on the species of wood you choose. Readily available hardwood species include oak, maple, and cherry. Recently, bamboo, walnut, and ash have also increased in popularity. This is a route many people go, but ultimately, as we stated above, a metallic epoxy floor is our go to recommendation.  


colors for flooring


Laminate flooring looks like hardwood but has been created for heavier traffic. It’s made from pressed wood, so it is more damage resistant against nicks and scratches from pets, rough play, and spills of food and liquids. 

However, it does lack the detail and beauty of true hardwood, even if it does mimic the appearance to some extent. It is less expensive than hardwood, and it is easier to replace if damage does occur.

Vinyl Plank

Vinyl plank flooring is good for damp places, such as bathrooms and kitchens. They are durable and moisture resistant. While you can use vinyl plank in a family or game room, it’s really more suited to below-grade flooring or rooms with a high likelihood of moisture. If your game room or family room is built in your basement, this may be an ideal option. Vinyl plank provides durability and flexibility for your family or game room. 

Non-Traditional Flooring Options

Homeowners are thinking outside the box more in recent years regarding flooring and other finishes for their heavily used spaces. Finished concrete and epoxy floors are being seen more frequently for high traffic rooms because of their durability and ease of cleaning. Hard surface flooring is a long term investment, and can add substantial value to your home. You’ll be able to see the return on your investment when you sell or refinance your home. 

Finished Concrete

A stained concrete floor might be just what your family room needs to be spruced up. There are many benefits to a finished concrete floor in your family room. Many modern homes with a minimalist feel choose this option. 

You can get your concrete floors done in different colors, textures, and styles. Concrete doesn’t have to be drab and grey. Some contractors are true artists when it comes to creating a finished concrete floor you can be proud of in your family room. Further, finished concrete is an inexpensive alternative to other materials not often seen or used for a real “wow” factor. You can set up your family room or game room to look like it’s tiled or floored in stone and other hard materials. 

Stained concrete is a great option for imitating other surfaces. It can absorb stain colors and be texturized to mimic tile, stone, tanned leather, brick, and wood while maintaining the concrete’s durability. 


Epoxy is a fun and artistic option for heavy traffic areas like game rooms. Epoxy can be used to seal existing flooring to preserve the patina or used to cover and prolong the life of the floor in a heavy use space. Epoxy creates a high gloss shine, and it can withstand scratches, things dropped on it, stains, spills, and more. This is why we recommend epoxy floors for family rooms! It’s the best for durability and also for aesthetics.


beautiful stained floors

For years, epoxy has been used in industrial settings for warehouses, mechanic shops, hospitals, and other spaces with heavy wear and tear. Recently, residential use of epoxy has gained popularity, but it’s still related to garages, basements, and more “manly” spaces of the home. Its beauty and versatility are lost on many people. 

You can experience the durability of epoxy and the softness of carpet by adding a throw rug or other soft furnishings. The epoxy allows for flexible use of space. If your kids need a dance studio, you can slide furniture out of the way without fearing scratches across your floor or rug burns on their feet. If you and your family want a quiet reading space, you just add a rug and some comfortable beanbags. You don’t have to worry about spilling food or drinks on the floor because epoxy makes cleanup a breeze. 

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We Can Help 

At Armor Coatings, we’ve been finding new and creative ways to use concrete and epoxy flooring options in the home and the office for over three decades. Our licensed and bonded contractors learn and master new techniques and enjoy thinking outside of the box for your needs. 

Concrete and epoxy finishes are our passion. Please give us a call or email us to discuss your game or family room flooring ideas and options. We are eager to work with you to plan your dream flooring solution. 

We love puzzling out new solutions to problems that we encounter in the process of home ownership. Residential flooring is an overlooked opportunity for creativity, and our team of flooring professionals is ready to help you today.

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