How to Waterproof Concrete

waterproof concrete

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If you have concrete on a second story, or live in an apartment complex that has a balcony over living quarters, it will need to be  waterproofed. We can apply our waterproofing methods to both concrete and wood surfaces.  There is a process we use for making sure your balcony or patio is perfectly sealed so you don’t haveto worry about getting water damage in your home. This system is complex to install but waterproofing concrete that will last and make your concrete safe from the elements.

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What To Expect When You Need To Have Your Balcony Waterproofed

We have a process for waterproofing and also a specific flooring system that we install with specifications to make sure the space is sealed.


Getting Started

Don’t worry about heavy machines moving through your house. We access the area through ladders. We won’t be carrying materials through your house or inconveniencing the home owner in any way.

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Prepping The Area

We start by prepping the area with a full powerwash. Once the surface is completely clean, we use a diamond grinder to get rid of any imperfections. This also allows the surface to be ready to accept the waterproof coating. We use a 7 inch hand grinder to complete this process. We can do the same thing on a deck made out of wood. We  use a concrete and plywood waterproofing process.

Applying The Waterproofing System

The system we use is a cementitious fiberglass reinforced membrane. What does that mean? It’s a thick coating of concrete that is laid on top of the concrete. But not only is it a thick layer of durable concrete, we reinforce that coating with flexible fiberglass to make sure nothing penetrates the coating. We can do the same thing on a deck made out of wood. We  use a concrete and plywood waterproofing process. The spec is three eigths of an inch with a sheet waterproof membrane. It’s not full concrete, it’s an acrylic modified cement. Essentially cement with glue. The entire waterproofing system is extremely light weight and great for home owners.

Process For Application

We apply several layers of this system so it becomes airtight. Each layer typically takes a full day and there are 3 layers involved in this process. After the installation of our waterproofing system, we put on a top coat so that it looks beautiful. You can choose the top coat based on your preferences and how you want your balcony to look.

Choosing The Right Design

In the past, it used to be a common practice to put tiles on top of waterproofing systems. The issue is that if a leak ever occurred, you would need to remove all of the tiles to find and fix the leak. The more efficient way to do this is to put a stain on top of the waterproofing system which can look however you want it to. We have lots of different staining and decorative options which you can find in our gallery. 

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At Armor Coatings, We Value Your Time and Honor Your Vision for the Project

Your concrete finishing project is in safe hands with Armor Coatings in charge. We match every flooring project with what our customers want. Our waterproofing systems are extremely durable and light weight. After the waterproofing system is complete, we can install beautiful decorative coatings so the area is not only safe from the elements but it looks beautiful as well.  

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