A Quick Guide To Garage Floor Refinishing

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Should you refinish your garage floor with epoxy? This question is subjective because it’s a personal choice. However, before you decide if it’s necessary or not it helps to learn how your floors can benefit from epoxy floor coating. Epoxy coating is specially designed to restore your floor’s beauty and to make them more functional. Besides its glossy finish, epoxy coating will help preserve the integrity of your concrete floor and protect it against impact. It is widely used in residential, industrial, and commercial industries because of its impressive resistance to chemicals and wear, bond strength, durability, and low porosity. 

If your garage floor is not coated with epoxy and it receives high foot traffic on a regular basis it will be susceptible to damage but if you seal them with epoxy your floor will be able to withstand traffic and impact.

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Epoxy Floor Coating Defined 

Epoxy coating is a floor coating that contains a combination of polyamine hardener, resin and some additives. It can be used as an adhesive but it is more popularly known for coating floors. When these chemicals are mixed together it will create a chemical reaction that is responsible for your floors’ endurance and stability. The chemical process will seal and cure your floor’s surface and will create a tight and secure bond.

What Are The Benefits of Refinishing Your Floors With Epoxy? 

Enhanced Appearance

Even though you are after the durability that epoxy coating offers, durability isn’t the only thing you’ll get when you refinish your floors. Epoxy, with its sleek finish, is able to bring dull floors back to life. Therefore, if you apply epoxy it will significantly improve the aesthetic appeal of your floors. You can consider that as an added bonus. Since it makes your floors extra shiny, the lighting in your garage will bounce off the surface giving the impression of a much bigger space.

Conceals Existing Defects

 Does your garage floor look worn and beaten down? If yes then you definitely need epoxy coating. Whether it’s your home or building’s garage, if it needs to be spruced up you can’t go wrong with epoxy. When epoxy is applied you won’t be able to recognize your floor anymore. Epoxy has the power to conceal existing defects that your garage floor has sustained over the years. Another great thing about epoxy coating is that you can actually choose the color and design you want for your garage and with these added features epoxy is sure to obscure your floors’ existing imperfections. If you want to achieve a speckled look you can add ornamental quartz or mica chips to the mix. Adding these chips will also improve your floor’s traction. If you want to enhance your floors polished look you can opt for metallic epoxy coatings.


Do you want to update the look of your floors? Before you do consider your options. Our suggestion is that instead of removing your garage floor, coat it with epoxy! Keep in mind that if you remove your existing floor and install new vinyl or tiles it will cost you a lot of money. You can actually make do of your existing floor by coating it with an epoxy finish. Yes, it is possible to revamp your floors without breaking the bank. Epoxy is a cost-effective solution that will give you the floor you have always wanted. 

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Impressive Resistance

Compared to other areas in your home, the garage gets the most traffic because not only do people step on it, it’s the place where your vehicles park. It’s also the place where you do car repairs where you’ll possibly use corrosive materials. With this being said, it helps to fortify your floors and you can do that by applying an epoxy coating. Epoxy has an impressive resistance feature that allows your floor to withstand heat, water, chemicals, and heavy shock.

Shock Resistant

Epoxy will make your garage floor resistant to shock owing to its unmatched durability. The constant pressure of your cars as you drive through your garage will subject your floor to premature wear and tear. In addition, heavy machinery or tools that fall to the ground will cause dents, chips and cracks. With an added layer of protection, your ground will remain, as it is because once epoxy is applied it will become shock-resistant. 


Your garage is prone to spills and if you live in a flood-prone zone there’s a possibility that water can get in. Without epoxy, your garage floor can get soaked with water putting you and your family at risk of slips and injuries. The good news is that epoxy coating is water-resistant so in case water does pool at the top, the additional grip of epoxy will lessen the changes of accidents. You may even request your contractors to add a slip-resistant aggregate to enhance its safety.

Maintenance Is A Breeze 

Last but not least, epoxy refinished floors are easy to maintain. When you coat your concrete with a glossy epoxy finish it will greatly reduce cement particles and dust in your garage. Sweeping is also easier because the surface is smooth. In order to clean the surface, all you need to do is to sweep it, vacuum it (if necessary) and clean it with a mop soaked in detergent and water. Never use acidic products as this can dull your floor’s shine. 

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 Based on these major advantages we couldn’t find any reason why you shouldn’t refinish your garage floors with epoxy. It’s economical, it’s long lasting and it improves both the look and function of your garage floor. If you do decide to refinish your garage floor we highly discourage you from embarking on a DIY project. In order to get the best results we recommend that you contact professional flooring contractors to do it. They have the necessary tools and equipment needed to complete the job. Not only that, they know what materials to use, how to use them and how to apply them to achieve the best possible outcome. If you think you can do it without prior experience you’ll run the risk of damaging your garage floor.

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