How Much Does It Cost To Epoxy Your Garage Floor?

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Epoxy garage floors are reasonably priced because of how durable they are. Based on the size of the garage floor and style of epoxy, they usually range from $2,500 to $5,000. The cost of epoxy garage flooring is determined by three variables:

  • Square Footage
  • Existing Condition Of The Concrete
  • The Type Of Epoxy used
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Determining The Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Cost

Epoxy coatings used on garage floors comprise polyamine hardeners and thermosetting epoxide resins. Combining these two substances results in a chemical reaction that induces the curing process. This chemical reaction creates firm and durable layers that protect the concrete surfaces on which they’re applied

Calculating Square Footage

Standard flake epoxy garage floors can cost anywhere from $3.75 to $9.00 per square foot (without a cove base where the epoxy goes up the wall) so to determining the square footage of your garage is an important step. 

  • Single car garages are around 200 square feet
  • Two car garages are approximately 400 square feet
  • Three car garages are up to 650 square feet

Condition Of The Concrete

If the concrete is cracked or crumbling, it can take significantly more time to prepare. Crack repair costs extra money in time and materials. This can be a contributing factor to increasing the cost of your garage floor coating.

Types Of Epoxy

Flake garage floors with vinyl chips are the most common epoxy garage system and the most durable. Other systems have a high chance of cracking or peeling causing a need for replacement within 5 years which is not ideal.

Metallic epoxy garage floors are truly a work of art and entail mixing several different colors together. These floors cost more money and can be on the higher end of $9/sq ft depending on the color combinations and amount of coatings needed to achieve the right look.

How Much To Epoxy Garage Floor?

The total cost to epoxy your garage floor greatly depends on the size of your garage and the level of coating you are looking to get. An epoxy flooring expert will tell you the best number of layers you need but you can reduce cost by reducing it. For a two-car garage floor, you can expect to spend around $2,500 to $6,500.

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Finding The Right Epoxy Flooring Contractor

Not all contractors have the same commitment to quality. At Armor Coatings, we have been installing epoxy garage floors for 38 years. We always go out of our way to make sure our clients are happy.  We are located right in the heart of San Jose and we serve the entire bay area and silicon valley. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.


Typical epoxy floors can last up to 20 years and still show no sign of deterioration, making them one of the hardest-wearing, heavy-duty garage coatings. Aside from its immense durability, epoxy’s smooth and seamless finish can liven up any garage space. We also handle pool decks in Silicon Valley and throughout the bay area. If you need concrete resurfaced, we can help.

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