How Long Does An Epoxy Garage Floor Last?

Epoxy garage floor lasts

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All Factors Play A Roll In How Long An Epoxy Garage Floor Will Last


Epoxy flooring is so popular because it’s designed to withstand serious pressure, weight and foot traffic. Because of that, epoxy floors can last as long as the concrete is on the ground. In fact, our manufacturers many times will warranty the epoxy “bonding to the concrete surface” for life. The thing to keep in mind is that water damage, moisture and other elements like light and UV exposure can play a roll in the concrete. You also don’t want to have gas or oil sitting on the floor. 

Two Things That Will Ruin The Life Of Your Epoxy Garage Floor!


The main factor that can kill epoxy floors though are two things.

1) Not prepping the floor the right way. The concrete needs to be completely ground down and made porous and then applied appropriately WITH a vapor barrier to handle moisture mitigation.

2) The type of product being used is paramount. If you are using something 

peeling epoxy

from a big box store, it almost always is not 100% solid epoxy. In fact, it’s actually paint mixed with epoxy. This type of material will last between 2-3 years and is bound to peel when driven on with hot tires. 

That’s why we install 100% solid epoxy floor systems in all of our garages


This explains why it’s the ultimate flooring system of choice in many manufacturing, industrial and commercial industries since these places are subject to pedestrian traffic and machinery day in and day out. The amazing thing about epoxy is that it’s not only easy on the budget but maintenance is also a breeze. It’s an easy favorite. 

Have you become accustomed to your dry, dull and unsightly floors? Does your garage floor need to be refinished? It’s easy to be oblivious to your home’s flaws and imperfections because you see them every day and for some reason, your mind tricks you into thinking that they are part of your home. Perhaps the only time you realize that something is indeed wrong is when someone points it out to you. One good example of this is your garage floor. Since you see your floor almost every day you may not notice the imperfections. 

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Here’s the thing: even if you paint your walls with your favorite color and shop for elegant furniture pieces, if your floor looks neglected, it will ruin the whole look. If you’re thinking about doing a home transformation project, make your flooring system a priority. 

Floors are one of the first things people notice about your home. The great thing about our system is that there is no tear-out, no construction mess, and no hassle. 

Epoxy floors are growing in popularity and so is the demand from both commercial and residential owners. It’s a smart and convenient way to increase the lifespan of your floors. However, since they come with a price, consumers want to know if epoxy floors are worth the investment. How long do they last? Are they durable enough?

If you want to install an epoxy coating over your garage floor make sure you do your research. Look for an epoxy contractor in San Jose that can get the job done right. However, rest assured that epoxy flooring, with its impeccable and stellar track record in creating durable and beautiful floors, will definitely put a smile on your face for years to come. Let’s find out more. 

What Is An Epoxy Coating?

To be clear, epoxy coating is different from epoxy paint. Epoxy coating is what you install on floors. It’s a combination of two chemicals – an epoxy resin and a polyamine hardener. Out of all types of resins used on floors, it is said that epoxy has the highest strength. When the epoxy is properly cured it offers exemplary heat and chemical resistance. The bond that epoxy provides is unmatched that even polyester and vinyl ester can’t compete. Once the two chemicals are mixed it will be applied directly on your floor to create a durable surface that will last for a long time. But the question is, how long is long? If you want to know how long epoxy flooring lasts we can’t give you a definitive answer because its durability will rely on various factors.

Strength Of The Garage Floor

The durability of your epoxy floors will depend on the strength of the concrete underneath it. The layer of concrete will greatly determine the lifespan of your coating. In most cases, concrete floors used in commercial and industrial establishments have at least 3000 PSI. Therefore, if the strength of your concrete floor is below 2500 PSI then you can’t expect it to last for long. However, there is a way to fix this issue and that is to add densifiers. 

Preparing The Surface

Although everyone knows that epoxy works very well, not many people are aware that one of the reasons why it works is because the floor was properly prepared. If the floor is not properly prepared, this can cause a host of avoidable problems. 

This is exactly the reason why it is highly recommended that you let professionals do the job. The surface should be clean free of spills, oil, and dust. 

The Thickness of the Epoxy Coating

The thickness of the epoxy coating varies and it can range between 0.4 millimeters to 1 millimeter for residential applications. Obviously, if you apply a thin epoxy coat over your concrete garage floor it will wear down faster, which means you’ll have to replace it sooner. This is the reason why industrial establishments prefer to have an epoxy thickness that is much greater than 1mm (some industries use as much as 12 mm).

The Clear Epoxy Top Coat Matters

The majority of professional floor contractors would recommend the application of a urethane topcoat to make your floors resistant to scratches and abrasions. For industrial establishments, applying a 50-micron topcoat is enough to increase the longevity of concrete floors.

 The Foot Traffic

All floors go through wear and tear but applying an epoxy coating over your floor will help increase its lifespan. However, if the area receives very high foot traffic on a daily basis it will eventually wear down especially if it has wheeled vehicles and forklifts. You can add a top coat to your epoxy flooring for added protection.

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Ultraviolet Light Exposure

One fact you need to know about epoxy coating is that it’s not UV light-resistant. If your floor gets exposed to sunlight regularly the binder will turn powdery. This is the reason why epoxy is not recommended for outdoor use because it won’t last long.

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Garage Floors Built To Last!


When an area has light traffic (like in your home) epoxy floors can last up to 30 years but if you place epoxy in a heavy-duty facility where traffic is heavy your epoxy floors can last 10 to 20 years. In order to maintain the integrity and longevity of your epoxy floors, floor contractors suggest you keep it clean at all times. Whenever moisture or chemicals are spilled on your floors, clean them right away. Keep your epoxy floors away from the sun because they aren’t designed to withstand high temperatures. And more importantly, make sure you hire professional epoxy contractors to do the job because they know how to correctly prepare your concrete floor before epoxy installation.

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